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be surprised to find out where this video was shot. >>> also -- >> i'm scott budman. with the pressure on, zynga launches farmville part 2. an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the game was made. >>> and safety first. an olympic gold medalist teaches hundreds of children in the south bay a very important lesson. >>> more than 300 children and their parents in san jose received free swim lessons today from a gold medal olympian with a passion for water safety. colin jones won three medals in london. but where he grew up, he said swim lessons were few and far between and didn't learn to swim until he had a very close call. >> i grew up in the inner city in new jersey, so i knew this was an alarming rate. i didn't think it was that bad until i started thinking about my own family and friends that didn't know how to swim. i myself almost drowned at 5. ironically 20 years later became an olympic gold medalist. >> the usa swimming foundation's make a splash program says 70% of african-american children and 60% of hispanic children don't know how to swim. they want parents to start thinkin
. >>> raising the bar on the smartphone. apple unveils the iphone 5. scott budman shows us the bells and whistles and how much it will cost you. >>> then, a proposed soda tax in one bay area city. it's making national news. >>> speaking of money. an amazing video of a car chase that led to a mob scene. >>> thursday is set to sizzle. and with that said, air quality is going to be decreasing in the east bay. and speaking of which, look at this. temperatures will be in the low 80ed. we'll let you know who will be the hottest. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i need your help... i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. well...everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe well...i'm not at liberty to give that out, but we do use tender chunks of white meat chicken in an herb & spice broth. come on that's it? i need the recipe. you gotta help me out! [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? like a ninja! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> i
secret. scott budman has been listening to the keynote address in san francisco. he has latest. how is it, scott? >> reporter: it is looking good, jon. you said it right. a badly kept secret. that is all right for apple. people excited. let's take a look at it. it is brand new. it is available september 21st. it is called the iphone 5. the four inch screen. giving you a half inch more. all aluminum and glass. it has an updated software system inside. a faster chip will let you take better graphics, better pictures because it has a new camera. apple has been surpassed by many smartphones when it comes to cameras. it comes with an 8 mega pixel camera to allow you to take panoramic pictures. there is an update to the software, including siri. it will allow you to update your facebook updates. here is the bottom line. how much does this cost? the pricing similar to previous iphones. it will debut at $199 for the basic model. if you double the storage to 32, it will cost you $299. a 64 version of the iphone 5 will be available for $399. they go on sale september 21st. we are learning more abou
. scott budman is here with the review right after the break. >>> good evening. i've jeff ranieri with the weather. let's get right into it. your saturday forecast, numbers are going to be very comfortable. mid to upper 70s and temperatures that will top out in the mid-80s. however, if you suffer from allergies, it does not get better. we'll have details on your full forecast coming up. >>> it was a bucket list adventure that ended in tragedy. a man of novato died after a repelling accident at zion national park. this is a picture of the area where he died. officials say his repel iling device jammed propelling him to the bottom of the canyon. he was left dangling by one foot about five foot above the ground. his 61-year-old wife said she desperately tried to saving him but could not. they say he was unfamiliar with the park. the man a retired neurosurgeon traveled with his wife as they cross off items on their bucket list. >>> it turns out the bright spot is unemployment. it's on the upswing. as to the employment rate, it dipped a bit from 10.7% to 10.6%. the bay area has been th
will be scrutinized and compared to every phone on the market. scott budman says apple is about to set the new standard. >> you have lots of choices. all about the same price. but the good news for the apple faithful is, apple is probably going to top what we see out there tomorrow morning. >> reporter: scott budman and scott mcgrew will both be here. and the iphone 5, that will likely go on sale later this month. >> thank you, jean. >>> now, stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the iphone 5 debut. you'll have live coverage beginning at 4:30 tomorrow morning. business and tech reporter scott budman will be tweeting updates. >>> it's a big enticement. there's millions of dollars at stake out there. >>> dreams of big bucks dashed by a new and simple form of cheating. cheating the lottery here. it's called pinning. and tonight, our investigative unit tells you what to look for. >>> the traffic trouble for san jose's mayor today. >>> and the new research that could someday save asthma patients plenty of cash. >>> temperatures dropping in the north bay with some mid-50s and also fog ro
twist of the iphone, and scott budman. scott, strange way to start this week. >> it is, scott. we believe with news from china where the phones are made. a big fight broke out from the chinese company who puts the phone and other devices together. foxcon allegedly shutting down a factory after hundreds were involved in a fight in a campus dorm. 40 people were injured. they're investigating what triggered that fight. >>> iphone sales big over the weekend but not as big as some expected. 5 mill dwrion iphones have been sold, so many they had to delay some of the shipments. apple shares down about 1.5% today as sales figures got out. >>> speaking of stock prices, google hit a new record high today, topping $550 a share. the previous high was set back in 2007. rough day for facebook shareholders. after a strong run recently, shares of the company stock fell 9% today after baron's magazine put a $15 a share target on the company. >>> selendra is said to open a facility using federal money. it will be in portland and promises to start slow with just 90 employees but similar technology a
at school, plus why police aren't doing the jobs there. >>> i'm scott budman, energy from solar panels, a bicycle for every employee and lots of job growth. it's all about the bar and coming up, we'll take you to cliff's place. >> and the race for donations, why a popular breast cancer funding walk is feeling the pain from a recent controversy. >>> and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center, fantastic friday, aldridge of sunshine, right now warm inland with 79 in livermore and 80 in concord, temperatures are expected to go back into the 80s and we'll talk about our potential of 90-degree heat coming up in just a few. >>> the latest job numbers are in. let's check in with our business and tech reporter scott budman, a lot of companies are doing well here. >> the labor department says that the american economy gained 96,000 jobs in august. if you look at the numbers, a fairly big dip below the number of jobs gained even in july. this is the political story these days, the democrats talking about stead job growth, republicans pointing out that the growth has bee
reporter scott budman was at the unveiling in san francisco this morning. he joins us from apple headquarters in cupertino with the latest specs. hey, scott. >> reporter: hey, as the world's most valuable company, everything that apple does and the gadgets it introduces gets international attention. today a brand-new iphone, part of a lineup of devices aimed at your holiday shopping lists. >> and this is iphone 5. >> the newest iphone is thinner and lighter with a half inch added to the screen size. >> you can see he is lifting his arm and the ninja is noticing that. >> reporter: which along with a better camera and extra microphone gives app makers new technology to work with. >> also, there is now a new microphone on the iphone. so now with three mics, i think the thought is what can we do with all three of those. as you know, we use the mic that it can flow into your phone. i wonder what new kinds of mayhem we can create with this. >> reporter: backed by foo fighters, apple also rolled out new music for its upcoming holiday lineup. >> and it transforms beautifully -- >> report
the driverless car street legal. nbc bay area's business tech reporter scott budman was there for the signing. he joins us now. scott, i got to tell you, the whole driverless car thing makes me a little nervous. >> reporter: so far they are safe, but even google admits it's early and there is lots of work to be done. today's bill signing is a step towards a new kind of technology on the road, and it started with the governor being driven in with no hands on the wheel. no hands required as google founder sergey bry brin arriveda car that drives itself, to sign a bill that allows the self-driving cars in california. it's a boost for google technology as well as for those who have thus far been unable to drive. >> there are many, many people who are underserved by our transportation today. you know, blind is one of them. some people have other disabilities. some people are too young. some people are too old. sometimes we're too intoxicated. >> reporter: google says it has tested its driverless cars for 300,000 miles, and they've been safe. are you ready to jump into a car and let it take you for a r
newspaper today, the caramel pine cone. here's nbc bay area scott budman with more on what clint had to say. >> reporter: a week later at the democratic convention, clint eastwood's chair was still getting laughs. >> i know it's an empty chair. it makes you nervous, doesn't it? that's all right. i'm going to sit on it. >> shut up. >> reporter: it was the rambling, unscripted appearance at the republican convention that went more than twice as long as it was supposed to. it went viral. eastwooding immediately started trending on twitter. mitt romney's aides acknowledged they didn't know what eastwood would say, unheard of at a national political convention where speakers are timed to the second. now eastwood has told his hometown newspaper "the caramel pine cone" they vet most of the people. i told them you can't do that with me because i don't know what i'm going to say. he said the idea of interviewing an imaginary president obama in an empty chair came at the last moment when a stage hand asked him if he wanted to sit down. inspiration struck as he was walking out on stage, telling the pa
budman is here to tell us why. hey, scott. >> diane, any time a piece of hardware gets an update, it gives smaller businesses a chance to shine. apple is no exception. there's an entire ecosystem built up. most noticeably, app makers. with half an inch added on to the iphone 5, it's extra real estate for app makers to take advantage of. they will get advice from san mateo company based on mobile apps, like fandango and helps it adapt to different screen sizes. >> most brands are most interested in creating additional functionality, to engage their users even more. that's the first thing. but there is also a possibility to use the real estate for additional advertising or other types of ways. >> advertising, perhaps something we might soon see on our phones from facebook. you can expect game makers to take advantage of the extra space. coming up tonight at 6:00, you will hear from a game maker about to launch the iphone 5 which goes on sale a week from tomorrow. >> thanks, scott. in other news, this is becoming one of the worst news in history for the west nile virus. the centers
with technology. >> bringing its a game to try to shake up bay area retail. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> they are hiring. that's all i need to know. rob is here with a look at the forecast. if i were shopping for something today would i need a sweater or short sleeve shirt? >> the jacket for the morning and in the valley, shorts and t-shirts by afternoon. our temperatures really climbed up today. you can see some of the temperatures that we did have in a moment. right now you've got the sea breeze. so it's back to the jacket weather in san francisco. you can see the thin layer of stratus moving across the bay and the flag whipping around. near the water you saw numbers in the 60s. 66 san francisco, around the peninsula we did see mid 70s. 76 in oakland, 85 san jose, south san jose up to 88, and then there you see the 90s, concord, livermore out to fairfield, tomorrow probably adding 3 degrees or so to the high temperatures for labor day monday. we're cooling down as the sea breeze starts to pick up. not cooling quickly. getting compressed down to below 1,000 feet. most
for the deadly protest. let's bring in our business reporter scott budman. a rough week for the social media companies. >> getting your message out can be thought provoking and kit also provoke violence. youtube when broadcast the video said it was sparked by the protests is hearing from the white house. with violence and deadly protests ripping through the middle east, silicn valley social media is in the spotlight, not just because it's being used to communicate, a video on youtube originally launched the protest. today the white house actually asked youtube to review the anti-muslim film at the center of the controversy. youtube which originally said it will keep the video on its site rejected the latest security council request. former google executive a central figure in the arab spring uprising because of his social networking condemned the video on twitter today, taking to one of the social networks he praised in an earlier interview. >> this is, i think, one of the good things about social media. decentralizes the mainstream media. it removes the filters and barriers to directly inte
of people across the bay area waiting in line overnight. our business and tech reporter scott budman has one, and i know you didn't wait overnight. >> well, it is a demo model from apple, yes. and raj, is it worth standing in line? we say this every nine months or so. if you're an apple fan, sure, camp out. it's got some new features, a faster process, a half-inch added on to the screen. if all this doesn't dazzle you, no problem there are many other phones out there to choose from. as for apple, it's got another hit on its hands. the iphone 5 selling like crazy today, which was the first day you could get your hands on it. apple stores all over the bay area packed with people, many of whom camped out overnight so that they could get a good place in line. >> one, i like it because it's fun. i had my friends with me. and i don't know. people are just kind of all here for same thing. so everyone gets amped about everything. so we all wait in line. and then i get an iphone at the end of it. so i can't complain. >> so far the majority of reviews we've seen about the iphone 5 have been positive.
area's business and tech reporter scott budman has the details. >> reporter: like a high-tech version of the wright brothers, google co-founder and california governor jerry brown cruised up to google headquarters to make it official. the self-driving car is now street legal in california. >> but it really has the power to change people's lives. that's why i'm really excited about it. >> google has been testing the self-driving cars for 300,000 miles and says they're safer than human drivers. it'll still be a while before you or i can go buy one, but so much progress has been made over the last few years, brinn says these cars are on their way to regulation status. >> self-driving cars can make a transformative difference, which is really enabling huge classes of people who were previously effectively trapped or very hampered in their ability to get around the world. >> reporter: they're potentially energy and time-saving, letting people get things done. >> that's the essence, i understand, of google, being able to imagine what isn't and bringing it to reality. so today we're looking
. apple's old map system was doing just fine. so what now? let's talk to scott budman. >> apple took a risk, pushing aside the more established google maps for it its own newer map app. apple maps have been flawed and today apple's ceo tim cook apologized to its users. he and apple are, quote, extremely sorry, unquote, for the mapping mistakes. while apple fixes the problem, users should use competing maps to get around. and blogging about a security breach in android phones that compete with the iphone, when opened it can clear all of the data off of samsung htc, motorola, and sony ericson phones. a secure update has been put into place. if all of this makes you want to get away from it all and go on vacation, scuba diving from the deep on your computer. >> reporter: as the divers swim smoothly through the great barrier reef, his cameras snaps thousands of pictures. soon to become this, an interactive underwater map brought to you by the google street view team. >> this is just like street view in that you can navigate around, look all over the place and really experience it for you
unveiled this week in the south bay. >>> i'm scott budman. games, guitars, gadgets and health care. coming up, we'll take you inside the bay area's biggest startup event for a look at where may be working next. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures starting to drop near san francisco down to the south bay but holding on to some warm weather in the east bay. 84 in livermore, and headed out to the raiders game tonight, expect temperatures in the 60s and a little bit cool by 9:00 p.m. we'll tell you when we return in just a few. [ male announcer ] ever wonder what's behind two little fleas? the next generation and then countless more. how do you kill them? frontline plus. it uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks. plus another to eliminate flea eggs and larvae, annihilating the next generation of fleas. and, frontline plus works non-stop for thirty days. no wonder it's the number one choice of vets for their pets and yours. ask your vet about frontline plus. accept nothing less. >>> it have could have been much worse but fire
of a new success story. so they've launched farmville 2. our business and tech reporter scott budman has an inside look. >> reporter: it's a new farm powered by the latest technology with big goals. >> we want this to feel like it's the best five or ten minutes of the player's day. >> reporter: and an entire company counting on it to be successful. farmville 2, sequel to the game that helped launch online social gaming and zingo along with it. now having stag gathered to a stock price less than a third of what it was when it went public, zynga needs a hit more than ever. >> any game you make there's a lot of pressure. where for this one it was really just about trying to imagine can we reignite people's passion for farming? >> reporter: and say this about the company. it's still passionate about games, giving us a backstage look at how they crafted every turkey and cow in the new farmville, letting you play in 3d where now even the crops sway in the breeze. >> we put everything that we can into this game. and we're anxiously awaiting to seat response that we get. >> reporter: and althoug
if an earthquake strikes. we'll explain the new warning system for b.a.r.t. >> reporter: i'm scott budman at facebook with a story many of us probably wish was around when we were applying to college. app developers working on a way to make the college process smoother. that's coming up. >>> and governor brown signs a bill protecting renters and their pets. >>> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. the hot air continues to build across the bay area and the north bay really had some major warming numbers up about 10 degrees from yesterday. right now, 81 in santa rosa and 75 in napa. if you're already thinking about the san francisco giants game on friday, the fog is clearing out and low 60s. we'll have the full forecast coming up. >>> the last remnants of occupy san francisco are gone. police cleared away more than two dozen campers last night on mark street in front of the federal reserve building. the officers told them they were illegally lodging on the sidewalk, according to state law. and anyone who did not leave would be arrested. 20 people were arrested. if at first you don't succeed, try
gives us an indication how the economy is recovering or declining. nbc bay area's scott budman joins us now with more details. scott. >> reporter: the news today is in many ways a gift to president obama. better even than a bill clinton or michelle obama speech. this group of numbers on the screen is what democratic operatives have been dreaming about for months. a huge stock market rally going into the president's turn to talk tonight. it doesn't have anything to do with politics, really. it's because of increasing hope for a better economy and a red-hot tech sector here in silicon valley leading to the highest nasdaq close since 2000. even better news and at least bigger news expected tomorrow, that's when the august employment report is released. a survey of economists today predicting fairly strong job growth. that optimism is why stocks went up so much today and it's what the democrats would love to wake up to tomorrow morning. because while silicon valley job growth has been steady and strong, the nation's jobless rate has been above 8% for 42 straight months. and that has hurt th
for the first time since his company went public and his stock took a nosedive. scott budman was at there to hear what he had to say. how did he explain the billions of dollars lost by investors? >> he called it admittedly not so good for morale. that has to be one of the understatements of the year. you can imagine it was topic one when he sat down to meet the press at the tech crunch sponsored event. and that and many others surrounding the shaky start surrounding hi company both as a startup and a public entity, saying facebook is used to being controversial, and that won't stop it from growing and changing, even if the ipo is a lot less than what investors had hoped for. >> the performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing, right. and we care about our shareholders. and the commitment that we made is that we're going to execute this mission of making the world more open and connected, and we're going to do the things that we think are going to build value over the long-term. >> zuckerberg spoke for about 30 minutes today, hitting on a variety of topics, what f
of the startup will be stopped cold in a few years. scott budman reports from a meeting of venture capitalists who believe that is premature. those stories and more when we'll see you at 6:00. >> very good. we'll see you soon. thanks for watching tonight. see you back at 6:00. >> good night. i'm a native californian. times are tough. our state's going through a tough time. but we can fix it. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪
. our tech reporter, scott budman, will be there next week for the announcement as he is with all the apple events. apple also in the headlines because of a password scare. the hacker group calling its anonymous claims to have taken i.d. numbers from 12 million apple products, stealing them from the laptop of an fbi agent. apple is not commenting on the claim, but the fbi is. the bureau saying it has "no evidence indicating that an fbi laptop was compromised or that the fbi even had the apple device information." >>> the latest now from facebook. another low for the menlo park-based company. facebook says it will discontinue plans to issue more shares of a stock through a secondary offering. the company also announced that ceo mark zuckerberg will sell none of his facebook shares over the next 12 months. after that announcement, facebook's stock moved higher in after-hours trading. >>> a new survey suggests social networking sites do not have a big impact on americans' political views. the poll comes as president barack obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney are i
budman has a preof what you will find on the new iphone. scott? >> go from dream force. right in line at apple. might have taken a while, raj, lots of people took the time to download the operating system for mobile devices. preview of what is to come for those who plan to buy the iphone 5. apple's operating system update did not come without glitches. lots reporting problems getting on to wi-fi after loading ios 6. if you are one we found fixes on line. they're there. investors not too upset. apple creeped up to a new all-time high. apple's rival, samsung, says it will build a research and development center in mountain view. the new center could hold as many as 1,500 employees. samsung in the bay area, says it plans to start building in the middle of next year. another long time bay area resident going strong. adobe systems released earnings. software giant says income moved higher as the company sold copies of photoshop, reader. adobe says the future cloudy. shares of the stock dipping a bit in after hours trading. speaking of money. our annual chance to dream. forbes list of riche
september 14. they go on sale september 21. reporting from apple headquarters, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> he said it was like holding a fine piece of jewelry. so just who's buying or waiting for the next version? that story coming up at 6:45. if you missed today's announcement from tim cook, right now on our website,, we uploaded all of the raw video and photos from inside this big event. >>> still to come at 6:00, fighting poverty in silicone valley. the solution local leaders say will ease the burden on the poor. plus -- >> save the bay has released its list of trashiest waterways in the bay area. we'll have details coming up in a live report. >>> how about this. bank robbers giving back. yes, they're throwing cash out of that car. the l.a. car chase that brought hundreds of people out into the streets. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. a sweet midweek forecast. a lot of sunshine and temperatures up a little bit from yesterday. we're getting that typical on shore cooling with 60s across the bay and warming in the south bay for tomorrow
boost from apple. let's check in with scott budman. he has the news and the numbers. hello. >> hello. the numbers very good. if you're holding stocks tonight, wall street on fire. thanks to the u.s. federal reserve which launched a new plan today to boost our slushish economy. they'll kep interest rates at record low levels until mid 2015 to make it easier to borrow money, trying to quicken the pace of economic recovery. investors love hearing that. stocks were off to the races from the opening bell. a 200-point gain for the dow. these are the highest levels we've seen since 2007. as for apple, its share price closed as an all time high today on the heels of an announcement of big money for the cooper tino company. also a big opportunity for companies working with apple. >> the new iphone 5 will be big for consumers but it will also be big for businesses. starting, of course, with apple. >> this connector is a connector for the next decade. >> beyond the phone itself, a new connector. it will come with the new phone but if you want to connect your iphone 5 with your old cord, you'll
provided some answers. our business and tech reporter scott budman was at the conference in san francisco when zuckerberg spoke. it's been four months since he made any public comments. >> reporter: it has been a long time, raj. got the feeling he wanted to address issues like ipo and instagram and morale, today the first time of the public company mark zuckerberg spoke out. >> for the first time since taking his company public, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg spoke out in public, and topic one was facebook's stock price. >> the performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing, right, and we care about our shareholders and the commitment that we made is that we're going to execute this mission of making the world more open and connected, and we're going to do the things that we think will build value over the long term. >> in a wide-ranging talk with michael arrington of tech crunch, zuckerberg spoke about how facebook will survive its current bumps as it has in the past. >> facebook has not been an under controversial company in the past, right? so it's not like this is the first u
there and business and tech reporter scott budman will have the latest during our 11:00 newscast. >>> in other news, milpitas police are hoping photos will help someone identify the suspects who robbed and killed a 7/11 store clerk. three hooded gunman rushing into the 7/11 on north milpitas boulevard on saturday. seconds later, they shot and killed the 67-year-old clerk. the owner of the 7/11 is hiring security for the overnight hours. the parent company is offering a cash reward for the arrest and conviction of the suspects. let's go to christina loren with the check on the forecast. >>> we have cloudy conditions and we are headed to the 80s and 90s. 83 in san francisco. 86 in concord. 66 in san francisco. heating up through tomorrow. let's get a drive check with mike. >>> slow through fremont. south bay is slow. northbound routes, 85 northbound, an accident clearing. that is the reason for the back up as you head up from the 101 split. we are looking at a slow drive from 101 through san mateo. an accident at 102 in the northbound lane. marla. >>> mike, thanks. for the latest traffic and news upd
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